Photographs or Experience, Whats more important ?

We go to different places to enjoy our holidays, but instead of enjoying the moment we actually click pictures of ourselves and sometimes of the place, mostly our own though. And we miss the uniqueness and joy that moment could have given us. Do we go to different places to enjoy or to click pictures?

Camera was invented to capture moments, so that we can relive the moment or feel someone close. But we can relive something when we lived it at least once. Whats the use of pictures which don’t have any story attached to it? In the world of digital cameras, the definition has changed all together. Maybe we need to rethink why we take cameras with us in our holidays, to capture moments or to show others where you went for your holidays.

I am no exception. I click as many pictures as possible so that i remember everything for years. But the fact is, i never cared to open any of the pictures i’ve ever clicked. That’s when i thought to make a video, that can has pictures and clips from my tour. Its a better way to remember and re-live something.

Clicking pictures is important, but enjoying every moment that won’t come back again is more important. So till this habit changes, lets enjoy the video.

In the end, I hope my attitude towards holidays change.


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