DSC_0304Born and brought up in the city of Jagdalpur. Right from childhood, i loved studying. Its just that the interest keeps changing, from syllabus books to comics, sometimes novels, and sometimes biographies. Love going to new places and discovering information about different cultures and traditions. Been to many parts of India, hope to see the world.

My father is a businessman and my biggest inspiration. My mom is my Angel who completes all my wishes. And my sister is my biggest teddy bear whom i punch daily. Being with a family is like being close to yourself. It feels great being with them. They make me smile, make me laugh and teaches me how to live. My family is my biggest asset.

Some of my hobbies is to play guitar and flute, but i end up irritating others. I collect old Indian coins. Photography (Nature) is something that gives me peace within.

The first and foremost aim of my life is to become a real human being. My biggest achievement in my life would be the day when i would be able to bring a smile on every face that matters a lot to me and to sustain it.


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